How and Why do tiktokers use Bio Pages to promote their social media links?

How and Why do tiktokers use Bio Pages to promote their social media links?


What are Bio Pages?

You have probably seen a influencer have a link in their description leading to a page with all their link and social medias. That page is called a bio page, but why are they so important and why do all the influencers use it? In this blog we will be explaining the whole process of a bio page and how to create one using

A bio page contains every piece of info a audience may need whether it being a social media account, a website or just an email to contact those it may concern. Bio pages usually contain all social media accounts of a person such as instagram, youtube, twitter, facebook and more. It also usually contains an email adress, website and sometimes even a donation link.

Not only influencers use bio pages, bio pages can be very useful for all sorts of people. Businesses and people who would like to promote or create a page where they can share their contact info also use bio pages. has a built in bio page creator where you can create a bio page to help expand and share your social medias. Bio pages is only one of many features that come with a subscription. To know what feautres you can get check out our pricing page.


How to create a bio page with

Creating a bio page is very simple with To create a bio page log into your account and head over to your sidebar where you will find the bio page creator. Once you're there click on "Create Bio," thereafter you will find the bio page creator. You may feel free to explore the variety of customizations, however a step by step explanation is provided in this blog post.

  • NOTE: To create a bio page with you'll have to have an account with a valid subscription!

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Once you're in the bio page creator you'll find the creator with all the tools for you to create a page to promote your social medias or even products. At the top you'll find a navbar with four options. We'll start at the first page "Content." Bio page name is the name of your bio page, this will appear on the bio page. Bio page alias is the domain you want the bio page to have and if you want to create a custom alias for the link (such as you would add that at the field after the domain. At the content page you also have the option to display your avatar or not. You also have the option to add link or content, there you'll find a variety of options you can add such as widgets and content.


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At the next page you'll find "Social Links." There you'll find a few self-explanatory fields and one of them is a pop up to choose what social media you want shown in your bio page.


Up next you'll find the "Appearance" page where you'll be able to customize your bio page to your liking. You will be able to find a variety of high quality templates to choose from and if any of them don't catch your attention you can go a little down and customize the page completely how you like it. You can customize what font you would like the text to be displayed in, what color or gradient you want your background to be or even add a image to use as the backgrond, customize the button color and style and the text color.


Last but not least we have the "Settings" page. This is the most complicated page of all however it's completely optional and is targeted to those who have a little more knowledge about marketing. In the settings page you will find SEO benefits and customizations, CSS customization and more. You can also protect your bio page using our "Password Protection" feature, however this feature is optional and is commonly used when the user wants to share the bio page to specific people.


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