Why Lin-k.me Would Be Great For Your Business

Published on May 05, 2021

URL shorteners, such as lin-k.me, are services that help convert long URLs (which can be hundreds of characters long) into more manageable links that rarely exceed 20 characters. Lin-k.me is a great URL shortener with many Features and Benefits. Moreover, with the rise of Twitter, which limits tweets to 140 characters, their popularity has skyrocketed.


In this post we will speak about the Benefits and Features of Lin-k.me, and why we can be of great use to your business.


1. Powerful Link / URL Shortening

Lin-k.me is known for its incredible URL / Link Shortener. Lin-k.me has one of the most powerful Link / URL Shortener you can find. Whether you want to Geo-Target a location or Protect your Link / URL with a password, our URL / Link Shortener can help. With our URL / Link Shortener you can add your own custom alias, add a Link / URL expiration date, protect it with a password, add a description to your URL / Link, Geo-Target to many locations, Device-Target many devices, add targeting pixels, add a parameter, and many more features.


2. Splash Pages